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Telemedicine E-Visits & Additional Protocols


Dear Serenity Family,


We will begin utilizing telemedicine e-visits for some of our patients during the COVID-19 outbreak. While our Serenity Pediatrics providers truly value the importance of face-to-face visits, we have decided to offer telemedicine temporarily to our patients during this time in order to help keep our patients and families safe. Telemedicine utilizes interactive video conferencing to enable a Serenity Pediatrics provider to provide healthcare services to Serenity Pediatrics patients remotely for the purpose of improving patient care. During your televisit, the Serenity Pediatric provider will be able to visualize your child via video, ask questions, and provide advice as well as diagnose and treat certain conditions including prescribing medications if necessary. In order to participate in televisits, you will need to be registered with our Healow patient portal. Please note that televisits will only be offered for certain types of office visits as determined by our triage nurses and will not be a replacement for well visits at this time. Further instructions on how to log in and participate in your scheduled televisit are listed below. 


In addition to the protocols implemented in our previous email, as we extensively screening all individuals entering our office, we ask that you try to limit the number of family members coming to the office for each appointment to one (1) parent and the patient. We understand that with children being off of school, it may be difficult to arrange childcare but we appreciate all that you can do to ensure that we are keeping the number of individuals as low as possible. As always, the safety of you and your family is our top priority. 

How to Access your TeleVisit:

At the scheduled time of your televisit, you will need to log into your Healow patient portal. From here, you will be able to view any upcoming appointments. 

To join your TeleVisit: 

  1. Under today’s appointment, click Join TeleVisit. 

  2. You will then be directed to an Intake Questionnaire. Please enter your responses and then click Submit Questionnaire. 

  3. Enter the vitals and click Submit Vitals. 

  4. A system compatibility check is performed to detect the software and hardware required to conduct healow TeleVisits. On the top left corner of the Compatibility Test window, click Allow in the pop-up message to use the patient-facing camera. 

  5. The next pop-up message will display. Click Allow in the pop-up message to use patient-facing microphone.

  6. Once the compatibility check is complete, click Proceed. A confirmation message displays, indicating that the questionnaire and vitals have been submitted successfully. The link to the healow TeleVisit waiting room displays. The Start TeleVisit button displays in orange 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. 

  7. Click Start TeleVisit. To review the questionnaire and vitals, click Review. 

  8. Once the provider joins, a message displays asking the patient to allow camera and microphone. 

  9. Click Yes, Allow Access for camera and microphone. The TeleVisit window opens and the video call begins. 


Please contact (248)-533-0000 if you have any additional questions or concerns!

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